Advanced A.I. and ML based news and events analytics

News drives emotions that move financal markets. Enceen makes it easy for retail and institutional investors to focus on the most relevant information.


Buy and sell signals for your trading strategy

Enceen helps retail and institutional investors to sort through all the noise and focus on the most relevant news or events information using A.I and M.L. by providing a score.

Analyze News Data

We look at all major sources of news and events data.

Track Trends

Easily follow trends by industries, companies and keywords.

Embedded Analytics

Our advanced algorithms do all the hard work for you.

Easy and Intuitive

We have one click analytics and risk scores for simplicity.


Analyze your data with our advanced tools.

We have built some of the most advanced algorithms to analyze large amounts of data in real-time.

Powerful Dashboard

A user friendly way to customize your analysis.

Real-Time Analysis

We analyze all major data sources in real-time.


Explore our advanced features

Our platform is scalable whether you are an individual, a small team or an institutional client with a large number of traders and provides a wide range of advanced features for analysis.

Easy customization

You can add customer tags, indicators to tailor alerts and notifications to your trading style.

Secure and fast

All the data is securely hosted on the cloud with real-time access.

Powerful dashboard

A user friendly way to customize your analysis.

AI Summaries

News articles have one-sentence summaries for quick analysis.

Proven Technology

We are advancing the AI and ML algorithms with proven success.

99.99% uptime

Because we are hosting with one of the largest cloud services, we are here!


Organize trading strategies with your team anytime, anywhere.

The most compelling feature of Enceen is the ability to collaborate with other traders on your team to design custom trading strategies based on advanced buy and sell signals.

  • Add topics of interest together

  • Receive buy and sell signals

  • Customize frequency, sources

  • Add other collaborators

  • Real-time analysis

  • Export data via API to others


Seamless integrations with other analytics tools

Enceen connects with all major platforms via API to allow you to connect with other tools in your portfolio.


A plan for ever type of investor

Start with the Free plan to try out our platform for a limited period of time.

Sign-up for Early Access

$39 / month / user


Starter plan if you are an individual investor who actively trades.

  • Real-time access to signals
  • Up to 50 data sources
  • Single user access

$99 / month / user


Perfect plan for small teams with a few traders.

  • Real-time access to signals
  • Up to 100 data sources
  • Team setup up to 10 users
  • Advanced news/topic config

$339 / month / user


This plan is for larger instituional investors with thousands of traders.

  • Real-time access to signals
  • Unlimited data sources
  • Team setup unlimited users
  • Advanced news/topic config
  • API and integration support